What has the FSDDS done for you: now and in the past

This past year we helped block legislation which would have allowed for the independent practice and billing by PA and ARNP providers. Yes the PAs and ARNPs working for you would have been able to open their own practice and compete with you!! This issue will come up again next year as the legislature indicated that what works for other states should be considered in Florida.

We kept electrologists from being able to provide laser services without direct supervision of a physician.

We again blocked efforts to eliminate direct access to dermatologists in stealth mandate free bills. We all know what a hassle it would be to get permission to have dermatology patients visit our offices.

We maintained the exemption of the pause rule for dermatologists, as well as blocking the need for two licensed providers to sign off on Mohs surgery cases. This would have been an extremely time consuming and costly burden.



We passed legislation limiting the number of unsupervised dermatology offices and requiring a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to supervise medspas. We blocked an effort last year to repeal that legislation.

We passed legislation that now requires an ACGME approved residency for dermatology certification by a board which previously granted such certification in dermatology to individuals with an internal medicine residency training.

Passed and preserved direct access to dermatology.

Your support of the FSDDS is critical if you want to protect your opportunity to practice dermatology